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Vibrational Sound Technology



✔︎     Reduces Stress

✔︎     Lowers Anxiety

✔︎     Better Memory

✔︎     Enhances Sleep

✔︎    Improved Mood States

✔︎    Pain Reduction

✔︎    Weight Management

✔︎    Increases Compassion

Program Modules


AXIS   Sound Change

Vibrational Wellness

A series of six programs designed to align each Chakra energies of the body, while guiding brainwaves to a deep meditative State.

Mindbody experience

Four non-guided programs created for ultimate stress reduction. Each entrain brainwaves to Alpha, Theta and briefly into Delta, achieveing deep regeneration.

Harmonic Touch

Weight Management


Tobacco Cessation


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Chakra Balance

This program was used in a recent sleep study revealing enhanced sleep results. Two programs: Power Nap 20 minutes and Deep Sleep 60 minutes.

A series of four voice guided programs ranging from 16 minutes to 50 minutes, focusing on mind / body wellness and healing.

Our Signature series programs ranging from  Grounding and stress relief to Energetic cleansing and mind body regeneration.

A series of four Gamma wave programs for better focus, memory retention, mental clarity, and feelings of compassion and benevolence.

Gamma Series

THE ZRO Touch Wellness System (sometimes called the Satori Chair) because of the “aha” moments its users experience when in deep states of meditation) utilizes proprietary technology that releases specific sound frequencies projected throughout the body, while synchronous binaural sound and music design, sometimes combined with spoken word, lowers brainwaves to deeply meditative states.  This combination of mind-body stimulation is a powerful and effective tool for changing neural pathways and creating healthy behaviors.  


Tibetian Bowls, Crystal Bowls , gongs and synth sounds these programs immerse your entire mind, body, spirit in a virtual sound bath.



The ancient philosophies and cutting edge science working together to promote deep relaxation and meditation, enabling states of calm, tranquility and inner peace.



Vibrational Sound Technology

Clinically Proven Therapies for  •   Relaxation  •  Meditation  •  Sleep  •  Behavioral Change

  Satisfies Non-Touch Protocol Requirements



ZRO touch 5.0

ZRO touch 3.0