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stress reduction

Harmonic Touch. (No Voice Guide)

Four programs, non-guided for stress relief and relaxation. Each program guides brainwave patterns to through alpha level to deep theta, and dipping briefly into the delta range, providing the opportunity for dreamlike meditative experiences, as well as deep rejuvenation to occur.

Mindfulness: Soul Nourish:

Body Rejuvenate: Delta Meditation:

A 30 minute session that guides brainwave patterns to deep relaxation in the alpha and theta levels

A 60 Minute session in the alpha and theta levels which causes light dreamlike experiences for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A 30 minute session that introduces the delta level (deepest) level of meditation, with more intense body vibrations.

A 60 minute session that provides an extended period of delta brainwave level of meditation. Great for people who have trouble sleeping at night.

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